Testimonials From Our Clients

“In March, I had to locate a process server in Pennsylvania to serve a lawsuit with regard to a collection matter for our firm. I sent e-mails out to several servers in Pennsylvania in the area of Huntingdon Valley that I found through various web searches. Brian of Process Plus Legal Services was the first to respond via e-mail, and he quickly followed-up with a phone call. I could tell he cared about whether or not he obtained my business, and that means a lot these days. At first, I thought his price quote was high, as I was comparing his costs to the Michigan prices that I am used to dealing with. He assured me his prices were competitive, and I told him I wanted to check around a little bit.

Sure enough, his prices were in line with other process servers in the area. Therefore, I decided to give Brian the business since I was impressed with his professionalism and follow-up, and I forwarded the documents to him. Within a few days, he communicated his attempts and kept me advised of his progress. When it became apparent that the defendant was evading service, he was quick to provide me with an affidavit of attempts and photo evidence of vehicles in the driveway and the glass front door with lights on inside. Once we obtained an order for alternate service, Brian did the appropriate posting and quickly returned the affidavit of posting to us for filing with the court.

Brian’s professionalism, courtesy, communication, and follow-through are qualities that are priceless, especially in the current economic climate of inadequate and uncaring customer service. I never had to wonder what was going on or hound Brian for information. He made my job easier. I highly recommend Brian and Process Plus Legal Services, LLC to anyone wishing to hire a process server in Pennsylvania.”
– Joan A., Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I received a mailer and decided to try their services in appreciation of their efforts and expense. I was very impressed by the prompt reply I received to my request. Service was effected in a timely manner and return of service was mailed promptly.”
– Robert H., Doylestown, PA

“Excellent experience with this company: professional and courteous interaction, clear explanation of the process and what I was required to do, prompt service, and a follow-up call. Everything was clearly explained. Several attempts to serve were made as agreed, and follow-up confirmation was given. A very reassuring experience for someone who needed to be absolutely sure this was done right. Brian’s interaction was entirely respectful and courteous. Very high recommendation.”
– Brandon W., Langhorne, PA

“I used your service back in March 2010 and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with you and your staff. This was my first experience using this type of service, so I naturally had a lot of questions when I first contacted you. You answered all of my questions and provided me with detailed information on the process without making me feel silly for asking. The court papers I sent you were served immediately after you received them and you mailed my return of service back right away. The whole process was completed in a matter of days and not weeks which was a big relief to all involved. If I ever need process service again in the future I will definitely contact you, and I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for affordable, reliable service. Thanks again for all your help.”
– Tracy M., Derry, NH

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work regarding my divorce case. After numerous attempts, my ex-husband, who was evading service of process, was served. You and your company were very courteous and understanding to my situation, and when we realized this was not going to be an easy process, you were still very in touch with communicating to me the status of my service and reassuring that you would complete the job one way or another. Finally, after two weeks of my ex-husband ditching and dodging your process servers, they served him early one morning at his place of employment. Thank you once again for all of your hard work in my case, I would recommend everyone I know who needs this kind of service to you and your company. If needed, I would definitely use you again. I was very impressed with your customer service and determination.”
– Rose A., Philadelphia, PA

“I am a legal assistant for a local attorney that needed to have service on a defendant in the Virginia area. I called Process Plus, my local company. Not only were they able to have the time-sensitive documents served, but also proved to be cost effective as well.”
– Christine M., Yardley, PA

“Process Plus Legal Service, LLC is a great company to do business with. Very reliable people, and papers are served within a timely fashion. The servers of PPLS are very familiar with the rules and procedures of Civil Process Service. Since our firm is located in another state, PPLS was able to ensure service was completed following the guidelines of our state. Status of your papers is given immediately.”
– Cindy H., Las Vegas, NV