Our Professional Services

Legal Research/Court Records

PPLprocess_serviceIn cases involving civil or criminal law, real estate transactions, traffic accidents, or personal injury, we retrieve documentation for your arguments and can effectively locate and secure copies of court records. Our legal research support team has access to several legal databases and is masterful at navigating information to uncover the documents you require. Our agents will conduct a court records search and access criminal court records located in Doylestown, Norristown, Media, West Chester and Philadelphia court records archives. Our team can also provide an extensive real estate records search and site inspections for insurance companies.

Process Serving Local - Nationwide

PPLprocess_serviceWe serve all court documents such as subpoenas, summons and complaints. When we serve subpoenas for your process of service action, you can be assured that all domestic and other legal documents are properly served in accordance with your local guidelines. We always provide the appropriate documentation to our clients. Local process serving is handled by our agents for your service of process in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and the remaining counties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We work with professional process servers nationwide. Contact us today for all of your legal support needs. Never forget that one call takes care of them all.

Locating and Skip Tracing

PPLprocess_serviceWe have mastered highly effective, lawful techniques for finding evasive subjects using restricted access to people search engines, property search software and databases. Advanced records search tools allow our internal investigators to uncover records from other states, expunged records and find hidden information. Your divorce cases, personal injury, medical malpractice cases and civil matters will be reinforced with the documentation we uncover for you and your clients. Whether your subject is deliberately avoiding you or is unaware of the action against him or her, we offer basic and comprehensive strategies to locate “hard-to-find” individuals.

Address Verification/Searches

PPLprocess_serviceAre you challenged with an elusive witness or defendant? As long as your documents are properly filed, we can verify current and previous addresses, employer records, conduct a PA criminal background check and help you find witnesses, defendants and missing persons.


PPLprocess_serviceWe provide photography services on location to document accident scenes, property damage and personal injuries as requested by clients.

Mobile Notary Services

PPLprocess_serviceWe act as an impartial witness to the signing of documents. We also provide on-site notary service. All agents/couriers are members of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN), bonded and insured as required by Pennsylvania Law.